Great Northern Turf offers
a wide range of services

Measure & Quote

Great Northern Turf offers no obligation free quotes. This allows you the ease of talking to a professional about your concerns and obtaining free advice and suggestions for your landscape.

The quoting process also allows you to change ideas, by adding or taking out certain aspects of your landscape to obtain a final figure that you are happy with.

Turf Supplies

Pick Up From Farm

You do not always have to pay for delivery of your turf. If you have access to a ute or truck, small orders can be picked up and loaded onto your vehicle by our forklift. There are a few measurments and approx. weights of turf below to allow you to know how much your vehicle will be able to carry –

  • 35sqm (1/2 pallet) – approx. weights 1/2 tonne.
  • 70sqm (1 pallet) – approx. weights 1 tonne.

These weights are only approximate : Weights can vary depending on the moisture content of the turf at the time of harvesting.

Orders that are picked up from the farm, clients are requested to drop any pallets back to the farm that have been taken.

Supply & Deliver

Turf can be delivered on pallets by truck. Our truck carries a maximum of 560sqm or 8 pallets of turf on one load. A Moffett forklift is mounted at the rear of the truck allowing for easy placement of your turf. The Forklift does require an opening of 2.6m wide for us to be able to place your turf where you desire.

We can deliver to all local Townsville regions, including the outer beaches. Delivery can also be arranged for outer area’s including Ayr, Bowen, Charters Towers,& Ingham.

Turf Installation

Whether you are laying your own lawn or getting a professional, good site preperation is essential !

Your new turf should be layed as soon as possible after delivery. Our summer months in North Qld can be quite harsh and if the turf is left on pallets in the sun it will heat up in the middle of the turf and cause the turf to go yellow. Allow a maximum time span of 24hrs from when the turf is harvested to when it should be layed. 

Before laying your new lawn, it is recommended that a starter fertiliser be applied over the soil.

Your new lawn needs to be watered within the first 30 minutes of installation. Do not saturate but soak on the initial installation.

If you are laying your turf yourself we do offer free brochures from Turf Australia to assist you in this process.

If you want to take the time & hassle out of laying your own lawn, we do offer an installation servce. Our trained staff are happy to provide this professional service that allows you to enjoy your new lawn even before it is finished.

Irrigation Systems

There are two main types of Irrigation systems you can choose from:
  • Manual system – A manual irrigation system is cheaper but it still has the disadvantage of having to turn taps on and off every 10 to 20 minutes. It just takes the hassle out of moving the hoses and sprinklers around your yard.

  • Automatic system – An automatic irrigation system is more expensive but will operate independently. Times can be set to water at the best time of the day, operate when you are away and can also be fitted with a rain sensor. Automatic irrigation systems saves time and are water efficient.

  • Whichever system you choose, our staff are happy to give a free quote and advise on your irrigation needs.


    With extensive experience in both residential and commercial properties, Great Northern Turf with work with you to design your garden, work on all facets of site preparation including levelling or terracing as required, soil spreading with 20-50mm of premium topsoil, irrigation placement and input, turf selection and rollout, vegetation selection and planting as well as advice on the best way to keep your new lawn and garden healthy and vibrant.

    Bobcat Hire

    Job too big for a shovel and wheelbarrow? Great Northern Turf has just the Bobcat to deliver the perfect landscape preparation regardless of block size. With our Toyota SDK5 model, ideal for small and medium jobs, or our Toyota SDK8 for larger jobs, no task is too big or too small.

    Soil Spread

    If you’re looking to improve your soil quality in preparation for lawn of garden development, our advice at Great Northern Turf is to spread a 20-50mm thick layer of premium soil over the desired area, fertilise and water prior to planting out. Great Northern Turf is ready to provide soil, spreading equipment and equipment operator.

    Site Preparation

    Site preparation is the most important element in your landscape. Careful consideration needs to be placed on the soil levels and drainage of your yard.

    Clay soils have very poor drainage so emphasis needs to be placed on the levels of your yard, allowing the water to flow towards the gutters and run to the drains.

    The amount of soil needed to achieve this will be obtained on the initial site visit.

    The narrow sides of houses are always problem areas where drainage is concerned. Long wet seasons don’t allow these small areas to dry out and usually turn to mud. There are a few ways to prevent this and the initial site visit will allow time to discuss these ideas with you.

    Kerbing Machinery

    From driveways, mower strips, path edging, garden borders and so many other applications, decorative kerbing is ideal for keeping garden and lawn areas neat and tidy. Great Northern Turf provides an all-inclusive process from our free, no-obligation quote, to ground preparation including removal of grass and leveling of the soil, then laying kerbing in your choice of style, colour and shape.

    Line Planting

    If your area is too large to turf or seed, line planting is the obvious solution. Ideal for parks, ovals, soccer pitches or acreage, our line planting machine is designed to cultivate surfaces using sprigs from rolls of quality turf. With regular watering and initial fertilizing in the formative stages, runners quickly extend between sprigs to form a consistent carpet of green.

    Turf Erosion Control

    Great Northern Turf cares about our environment and particularly areas that have been compromised via turf erosion that has occurred either as a natural phenomenon, or due to large works projects. We are delighted to have played a leading role in turf erosion control of Magnetic Island’s refuse depot, through turfing the entire areas, working with appropriately sited drains to stabilize what had become a barren and unstable landmass. If you have an area in need of turf erosion control, Great Norther Turf can advise and deliver the most effective solution.

    Mining Rehabilitation Works

    The rehabilitation of former mining sites is pivotal to environmental care, management and sustainability. Great Northern Turf can assist with all facets of rehabilitation including fixed irrigation, replanting and mulching and was pivotal in the rehabilitation of the Ernest Henry mine site, returning it to a natural environment that has recreated a previously lost habitat for native flora and fauna.

    Top Dressing

    For large areas such as Sporting Fields, Parks or Golf Courses our topdressing spreader can apply Mill mud or other soil amendments to the turf, quickly and efficiently. Our spreader is capable of spreading m3 per day.

    Topdressing turf has a number of benefits, making the lawn healthier and more resilient.

    • Improves soil biology
    • Improves drainage
    • Helps smooth out lumps and bumps
    • Keeps thatch under control
    • Turf will thrive in a new growing medium
    • Promotes the development of a lush, full and healthy field

    Synthetic Turf

    *No Mowing *No Watering *No Weeds

    Do you have an area in your yard that is just not ideal for Natural Turf? Synthetic Turf is the ideal solution.

    Available in a variety of different applications to suit your needs, from domestic application to playground safety surfaces and specialist sporting floor systems.

    • Eliminate dirt and grass clippings in areas surrounding your swimming pool
    • Ideal for areas of heavy traffic such as Child Care Centres and Schools
    • Great for Golf Putting Greens & Sporting complexes
    • Commercial or Industrial
    • Council Traffic islands


    Compact soil prevents grass from establishing a healthy root system and keeps water and fertiliser from reaching the roots. Aerating removes small cores of soil from the turf and reduces soil compaction which intern promotes root growth for a healthier grass.

    Our Tow behind aerator has solid tines, 18mm in diameter and has a working depth to 150mm.

    Sporting Fields and Golf Course benefit enormously from regular aeration.

    • Enhances soil water uptake
    • Improves fertiliser uptake
    • Reduces water runoff and puddling
    • Enhances thatch breakdown
    • Improves resiliency and cushioning
    • Promotes a strong, healthy root system
    • Increase the ability for the turf to withstand heat and stress
    • Reduces soil compaction