Australia's Most Beautiful Lawn

Nara™ Native Zoysia is a true all-rounder that performs under tough conditions, without sacrificing on looks or feel.

Native to Australia, Nara™ is naturally equipped to handle hot, dry climates, humid conditions and even the cold Canberra climate.

Evolution within the Australian environment has given it some distinct advantages – Nara™ is both naturally salt tolerant and more resistant to the pests and diseases that can affect Aussie lawns. It’s perfect for coastal areas, and can be used for beach and waterfront properties.

Nara™ is an efficient water user and highly drought tolerant . It’s an ideal choice for areas with low rainfall or council water restrictions.

Scientific Name: Zoysia macrantha

Nara Zoysia Turf



Cut to 2cm-5cm in sun, or 5cm-7cm in shade-lower cuts will resemble a Couch lawn, higher cuts will resemble a Fescue lawn with longer leaf blades.


Mow every 2 weeks in warmer months, and every 3 weeks in colder months.


Fertiliser is recommended twice a year, with an additional application if the lawn is subject to high levels of wear and tear.


Nara™ Native Zoysia is highly drought tolerant once established - but, like all plants, needs water. Requirements will vary depending on environmental factors. Be aware of a drying climate and water your lawn accordingly.

Turf Overview

Wear ToleranceHigh
Drought ToleranceVery High
Cold ToleranceMedium
Shade ToleranceMedium
Salt ToleranceVery High
Maintenance LevelsVery Low
Mowing RequiredVery Low
Seed Head LevelsLow
Leaf TextureFine-medium
Winter Colour (when fertilised)7/10
Soil TypeMost
Where it works bestQLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT


Eye-catching deep green colour

Soft to the touch and underfoot 

Fine leaf blades

Can be evergreen in winter and summer in many parts of Australia (with proper care)


Excellent salt tolerance

Durable and robust

Natural resistance to pests and diseases

Moderate-good shade tolerance

Climatic Performance

Grows in most parts of Australia

Perfect for coastal areas, including beachfront and waterfront properties

Performs in heat and humidity

Excellent cold-hardiness

Extremely drought tolerant

Environmental Benefits

Australian Native

Low water usage

Reduced insecticide, herbicide and fungicide requirements due to natural resistance

Excellent erosion control properties